Having to have that difficult conversation around ‘memory loss’ and confusion with your parent(s) or family member may feel uncomfortable and alien to you.

Perhaps you’ve noticed some warning signs of memory loss or strange behaviours that have got you thinking there is something not quite right. We have listed just a few warning signs below that may help you in distinguishing between old age forgetfulness and early onset memory loss.

Keeping a watchful eye out for signs may be enough to avoid a ‘Crisis’ and allow you some time to look into what is needed to keep your loved one safe.

  1. Changes in eating habits, loss of weight or skipped meals
  2. The home not being kept as clean and tidy as you remember
  3. Food in the fridge past the ‘sell by’ date
  4. Poor personal hygiene, with odour and dirty clothes
  5. Wearing clothes on top of clothes or a mismatch of clothing
  6. Personality changes, especially at certain times of the day or night
  7. Irrational thoughts and behaviours
  8. Forgetfulness, agitation, aggression, hallucinating or confusion
  9.  Are you recognized, or described as a different person?
  10. Have there been any incidents such as wandering, falling, regular urinary infections, bruising or other unexplained injuries?
  11. Are you being called up on a more than regular basis and at unsociable times during the night?
  12. Have neighbours or friends suggested that it is time to look at more support?

Experienced in the field of care of the elderly, my role here at Senior Care Support Services is to lift some of that worry off of your shoulders, to explain clearly how the care system may work for you and your family member and to explore what should happen next. Please do get in touch to have an initial, confidential, chat on 01564 743067 or take a look at our website for further information on our services.